(The Artists Listed On This Page Are Not Employed By Ravenswood)

While Ravenswood offers cover art for your novel at a reasonable rate our abilities are limited to the use of stock photos. There are times when a novel calls for a cover that is one-of-a-kind and more detailed to capture the specifics of the author's vision. The perfect cover can often be found by choosing an artist to render exactly what the author is looking for.

The following list is provided as a courtesy of Ravenswood and includes both cover artists & illustrators. Please note that authors are not bound to this list and may employ any qualified artist that meets Ravenswood’s professional standards.

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JAMES KOENIG (Artist/Illustrator)

" Hello wonderful authors! My name is James and I have been creating children’s & young adult book illustrations for over 10 years, with over 37 published books under my belt. I enjoy creating colorful, fun, and imaginative illustrations for kids and adults alike. Whether you need cute children’s book illustrations for kids, or exciting sci-fi & fantasy illustrations for young adults, I can make your vision a reality. I strive to see myself as a partner in your success, not just a hired artist going through the motions. To me, it's the combined passions of an author and illustrator that helps a book become a great success.

Feel free to review more of my work at my website and reach out if interested. I'm always happy to talk with authors and read great books! "


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MATT MARINI (Artist/Illustrator)

Matthew Jon Marini is an artist/illustrator from Vaughan, Ontario Canada. He studied Art Fundamentals at Seneca College where he developed his skills and interests for drawing and illustrating. Matthew enjoys fantasy and sci-fi genres particularly classic comics, as well as classic cartoons (1940s-1990s) and 2D film animation (his favourites include Don Bluth, Ralph Bakshi and Chuck Jones).

Matthew currently works as a freelance illustrator specializing in digital art. His medium of choice is a tablet and stylus but also has experience with acrylics and marker. He enjoys donating his time and talents to a local charity, the Sarah Elizabeth Foundation, and has completed many projects for them.

Some of Matthew's work can be found on Deviant Art under “STUFF-by-MJM

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CLAY JOHNSON (Book Trailers)

I'm a post production guy who loves to tell stories, so I'm also useful in the planning and writing process. I can shoot a bit of video, too. I'm good at thinking outside the box and approaching a project from an unexpected angle. Aside from the obvious benefits in problem solving, this also means I help get my team members' creative juices flowing. I also write novels, and as a result, make book trailers.

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JOHN FREDERICKS (Artist/Illustrator)

John Fredericks has been drawing since he could hold a pencil. (His mom is still mad about the dining room wallpaper.) He has illustrated PRINCIPAL SAM AND THE CALENDAR CONFUSION for Ravenswood Publishing, and numerous roleplaying game books. John works enjoys working in pen and ink, with digital colors. He also works in watercolors and acrylics for cover work. He is most interested in providing artwork for children's, young adult, and fantasy books, though he welcomes the challenge of working in other genres as well.

John would love to see if he can help with your art needs for your book. Visit his website to see examples of his work, or contact him directly at the email listed below. He will be happy to provide you with an honest price quote and timeframe. Also, he will always provide preliminary sketches for approval so that you are happy with the finished product.

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PECULIAR PERSPECTIVE ( Book Covers, Interiors, Promotional Material Design)

I have been designing covers and interiors in the publishing business for over ten years. I have worked for numerous authors and publishers as both staff and freelance and even have nearly 5 years as an art director under my belt. I have worked with both new authors and NYT Bestsellers because I believe everyone deserves a great designer.

By offering full package branding for your book I try to make your life, as an author, just a little bit easier. I am affordable and will always try to work with your budget. Anything from SciFi and Fantasy to Romance and Erotica, I can give you a cover for any genre and I promise to work with you until you love it.


Peculiar Perspective

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HINKLE/SILVA ART ( Freelance Artists/illustrators)

Hinkle/Silva Art is a joint illustration creative team between US based Jonny Hinkle, and Argentina based Raciel Avila Silva. Together they have worked together to create illustrations for various game companies, including AEG, White Wizard, Modiphius, Lone Shark, Wyrd, and more. They are currently open for commissions, and are hoping to branch out into Book Cover Illustration.


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KUNAL KUNDU ( Freelance Artist/illustrator)

Kunal Kundu is a self-taught artist who studied animation film design from the National Institute of Design (NID), a premier design school of India. He started his career by making promos for Channel [V], MTV, CNN-IBN to making short animation films for Galli Galli Sim Sim, the Indian leg of Sesame Street and illustrating children’s books and book covers.

Presently he works mostly as an artist, drawing/ creating what he fancies, and sometimes as an illustrator/ animator/ designer to pay his bills. His body of work doesn’t have a definite style…. yet, and he considers versatility to be a virtue.

Kunal currently resides in Kolkata, India, his birthplace and he’s content staying here since connecting with anyone from the furthest corners of the world is through the click of a button these days!

For Kunal success or personal ambition is best described as a paraphrase of the Bob Dylan quote…… “A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.”

Kunal wants to be this ‘man’!


Kunal Kundu

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ROBYN DIAZ ( Artist/illustrator)

Robyn Diaz is an Artist/Illustrator living in Albany, New York. Since graduating from The Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Illustration in 1999, she has been creating backgrounds and user interface graphics for video games. Her experience working with clients including Cartoon Network, Disney, and Nickelodeon, spans over 15 years.

Outside of the game studio, Robyn loves to draw pictures with her son, Felix, dig in the garden, and go on Netflix binges with her husband.

Robyn also does freelance Illustration work, and especially loves to collaborate with authors to develop their ideas and bring those concepts to life. She prefers to draw the old-fashioned way with a pencil and paper, and does most of her final work digitally.

I look forward to working with you on your next project!

Robyn Diaz

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CASTELANE PRODUCTIONS ( Book Video Trailers and Cover designs for Authors, Publishers, Publicists and More)

At Castelane, we offer a one-stop-shop for book marketing at prices you can afford. We’ve made over 400 book video trailers for books in all genres. Our cover designs are unique and budget-friendly. We also provide precision editing and promotional material designs.

Castelane produces professional video trailers for websites, blogs and social media platforms. Video is an effective way to attract audiences, and we provide a variety of video options to suit every budget. These professional book video trailers are the perfect solution for quick and engaging Web marketing.

While book covers are the heart of our design services, we also offer other useful designs such as bookmarks, postcards, brochures, web ads and more. Looking for a custom book jacket for your print book or eBook that will catch the eye but not break the budget? Check out our professional book cover art - we offer high profile pre-made eBook designs for only $35 and custom cover design services starting at $100.

For the author, publisher or publicist looking for a personalized, transparent experience with seamless communication, great prices and quick turnarounds – you can feel confident about working with us at Castelane.

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DAVID HOFFRICHTER (Artist/Illustrator)

David Hoffrichter is an award winning illustrator from Broomall, PA. Creating Fantasy and Storybook illustrations in Oils and Watercolors. David was trained in the Brandywine tradition at Studio Rilievo in Kennett Square by teacher Neilson Carlin. David also studied many years with fantasy illustrator James Browne, who was very influential in David's love for imaginative realism.

David also does graphic design work, building books from the ground up for authors and illustrators who want that extra artistic touch in putting their collaborations together.

I look forward to helping give your stories extra life and make your book beautiful.

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PAUL CHAPMAN (Artist/Illustrator)

My name is Paul, a male artist and illustrator of some thirty-odd years of age. More than that, I am an imaginer. Invariably throughout each day I walk this earth, my mind forms imagery, thoughts and ideas, which I turn into images. And, more often now, I turn the thoughts and ideas of others into imagery that, I hope, most represents a visual impression of that idea.

Blessed with the ability to pick up a crayon and scribble stuff from about the age of two or three, I remember winning my first ‘commercial’ art prize at local library at the age of eight. (It was an A4-sized clean-wipe board, my very first low-tech tablet.)

At school I enjoyed art immensely, as you would imagine, but ultimately failed to obtain a passing grade (I didn’t enjoy homework), received two invitations to art university (despite being told fantasy art was unwelcome there) which I subsequently turned down in favour of working at McDonalds. Maybe not the smartest decision ever…

Among all manner of private commissions, I have worked freelance for companies such as Manga Video Distribution (on their club magazine), and Wizards of the Coast (famous artist Wayne Reynolds doesn’t know it, but once upon a time, we worked for the same agent).

Primarily, my love is for all things sci-fi, fantasy and comic book illustration, as well as being a fan of free expression and erotica, both literary and visual.

There are many artists out there who inspire me, far too many to mention on one page, but here is a brief list: Hewlett & Martin, Frazetta, Bisley, Reynolds, Manara, Serpieri, Shirow, Sorayama, DireLilith, InCase, Dmitry, Royo and Lockwood.

I also like online games, movies (I can identify many movies simply by hearing the first bar of their theme music). I play Warhammer, enjoy other nerdy persuits, such as roleplaying games. I have a crazy fascination with Tank Girl and Xena. And for my fitness fix, I'm also an avid CrossFitter.

Currently my strongest desire is to turn a lifetime of mostly self-taught skills and experience into am illustration career within the gaming, comic or film sectors. With a jack-of-all-trades skill set, and a can-do attitude, getting that shot is just a matter of perseverence and making the right contacts!

My philosophy on art:

In some ways, I believe that who I am is not as important as the imagery I offer. Just like I do not thing it is important to describe the meaning of a piece, or explain what it ‘means’. Art needs no definition or explanation. For the artist, the greatest pleasure is drawn from the reaction of the viewer, when, whose senses, imagination and impression are affected, altered and inspired.

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AMY PARLE DESIGNS (Graphic Artist/Designer)

I am a dynamic, professionally trained creative individual with a keen and critical eye for design. I have excellent typographic and creative layout skills communicating effectively through word and imagery. I am an efficient and organised perfectionist, always working to achieve quality results. Art & Design has played a leading role in my life since a very early age, therefore putting my hand to anything creative has allowed me to grow and blossom as a designer and artist.

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VIDEO'S BY 'O'(Book Trailer's, Animated Book Cover GIF's and more!)

Opal Campbell with Videos By O offers a variety of video projects including short video teasers, trailers, video intros, web commercials, backlist showcase, GIF's, cover GIF's, Instagram videos, etc. Videos by O has competitive prices that ANYONE can afford. Guaranteed!!!!! Looking for something specific? Just drop her a line!

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L.S. PIERCE (Artist/Illustrator)

I've been in the publishing industry for many years (30+), and have done work for most major publishers in the U.S. and abroad. My instructors@ RISD included Chris Van Allsburg ("Polar Express"​) and David Macaulay ("How Things Work"​), - two amazing teachers. I now work digitally, in a bright, realistic/painterly style, which focuses more on well drawn lively kids and their expressions than digital graphics, and can turn around work faster than many illustrators...(so I'm told) I have also been a professional Portrait Painter/Artist for the last 29+ years. You can view my illustration work @

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JAMIE FLACK (Artist/Illustrator)

Jamie Flack is a young artist from South England with a passion for all things strange and nerdy. A huge fan of the fantasy and supernatural genre, he reads almost every day along with painting. He has been digitally painting since he was 17, and has gathered a substantial following under the Deviantart moniker ‘catandcrown’, chiefly from reshaping popular children’s characters and anime creatures (such as Pokémon) into aesthetically realistic and detailed new forms.

He has been working in graphic design for three years, balancing digital art commissions alongside corporate employment and other freelancing work. As such, he has thorough experience in logo design, draftsmanship, corporate identity, brand management, and t-shirt and poster design, all of which he uses in tandem to push his portfolio and personal work further in quality. At this point in his life, he is looking to expand into doing interesting and challenging work with authors, and has some prior experience with book cover art design. If you are looking for monsters, dragons and beasts that go bump in the night, he hopes you will consider him for your project.

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TANJA G (Cover Artist/Graphic Designer)

Hello all. My name is Tanja and I would love to be your cover designer. I have started my own design company Laragraph Ltd., a few years back and since then I‘m designing book covers professionally and with great passion. Because of the great support I’m getting from my two beautiful little girls and my amazing fiancé, I’m able to design covers on a daily basis, while constantly improving my skillset. I have never had one single unsatisfied client and I know that you won’t be the first one. Let my experience and knowledge help you get the best possible design for your book. I will help and guide you through the whole process, form the beginning, till the very end when the book gets printed. All you have to do is to contact me and let me do my magic. Feel free to also contact via social media.

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ELENA DUDINA (Artist/Graphic Artist)

I was born in Russia. My father was a military man, a fighter pilot. So, as you might understand, we moved a lot. I spent my childhood and youth from one location to another. From Estonia to Latvia, even from the Arctic to Ukraine and seven years in Siberia.

Living in Madrid (Spain) since 2002. My husband is Spanish and I love this country too.

I have always drawn and painted, since childhood. I had the gift it seemed. In 2004 I started with sculpture too until I discovered Photoshop. Since then I work exclusively in that field. Photo-manipulation is my passion as well as my work. I love it! I am available for commission work and can be reached at my email address.

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RAMA DIXIT (Artist/Illustrator)

I'm an illustrator from Mumbai, INDIA. I belong to a family of creative people. My father was a Writer/Poet & a Head of the Department in the Mumbai University. My mother was an Artist & I've inherited this skill from her. I spent most of my childhood drawing, painting & day dreaming. At a very young age, I decided to take up Art as my career.

My primary illustrating work has been for the Pharmaceutical products & Greeting Cards. But I must confess that my love for the children steered me towards facilitating children's workshops & creating illustrations for them.

I'm a self taught illustrator & credit my artistic gift to my parents who were immensely talented ! I've never been to an Art school, & that made the beginning very tough for me. As a result, I stumbled a lot in my career...but never gave up ! I worked for many long hours to understand the techniques of illustrations. And this was the period when I met my mentor Mr. D.H.Kunte who taught me simple ways to draw & paint & to understand Art in the true sense. They say, you're never complete without a teacher. And I had found mine. I've supplied artworks to many clients, authors & publishers all over the world. Not only was it great working with each one of them, they taught me a lot in the process.

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LUKE SPOONER (Artist/Illustrator)

Luke Spooner a.k.a. ‘Carrion House’ currently lives and works in the South of England. Having recently graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a first class degree he is now a full time illustrator for just about any project that peaks his interest. Despite regular forays into children's books and fairy tales his true love lies in anything macabre, melancholy or dark in nature and essence. He believes that the job of putting someone else’s words into a visual form, to accompany and support their text, is a massive responsibility as well as being something he truly treasures.

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DUNCAN LONG (Artist/Graphic Designer)

Duncan Long works mostly with indie authors and small presses. A part of the publishing industry for several decades, Long has created over a thousand cover and interior illustrations for HarperCollins, PS Publishing, Pocket Books, Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Enslow Publishers, and many other presses and self-publishing authors.

Long also currently serves as Amazing Stories Magazine's art director and was selected by the Collaborative Summer Library Program as a featured illustrator for 2013.

You can learn more about Long at

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T-REX STUDIOS (Artist/Graphic Designer)

T-Rex Studios is an Illustration company that is owned and operated by Cary Caldwell and NC artist Jack Hoyle. Strong work ethic and fast turnaround has propelled them from being hobbyists to owning and running a successful illustration business. They are always eager to try new things and learn new techniques and styles. T-Rex Studios has worked for many independent publishers and authors. From their award winning work on children's books to their hand painted covers, T-Rex Studios strives to produce eye catching quality work.

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JAMIE NOBLE (Artist/Illustrator)

Jamie Noble is a digital artist from the UK and works on illustrations for books, magazines, board games and video games. Jamie specialises in Fantasy and Science fiction art, but also creates work for other genres. Jamie lives and breathes his craft, and his communication skills and personable nature help to demonstrate his creative imagination. He uses photoshop to hand paint every bespoke illustration for his authors and loves to hear the wild new ideas from creative writers every day. He loves being inspired by those around him and thrives on the rapport he builds with those he works with.


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ELAYNE GRIFFITH (Cover Artist/Illustrator)

Elayne Griffith has been writing and creating art since she could hold a crayon. She has over ten years of professional experience in murals, illustration, Photoshop, and graphic design. Now published, and with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, she has begun creating book covers for authors and GMTA Publishing.

Her favorite thing to say is, "Dare to follow your dreams into reality! You got this,"

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NANCY BATRA (Artist/Illustrator)

I’m passionate about design and committed to excellence, with a proven ability to communicate through the combination of art and technology.

I’m a self-motivated Artist capable of creating a range of multifaceted art styles. I have started my career as a Graphic artist in 2006, emerged as a Children Illustrator/Graphic Novelist. Illustrative Storytelling being a passion, I yearn to develop more contemporary styles and love to create visuals appropriate for a piece of writing, story or a particular theme. The creative freedom this allows, adds to the vast potential of my work. Visuals created purposefully always add value to particular writing or a thought and can attract people of all age-groups.

Illustrations can capture a child's imagination and inspire and motivate them to learn to read. On the other hand , for adult readers Illustrations add a new dimension to the thought process. I am always looking for people/links who realize this and willing to serve them/work with them in the best way.


• proficient in sketching and coloring in Photoshop and Illustrator.

• Proficient in Story-boarding. Capable of performing 2D animation tasks of all kinds in both digital and traditional animation forms.

• Capable of creating variety of styles including realistic, cartoon, caricature and stylized categories

• Experience in children book illustration, graphic novels and concept art

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GEORGE MARTZOUKOS (Artist/Illustrator/Book Cover Designer)

George Martzoukos' Art Bio (either single illustrations or of short & larger stories) : The New Masters of Fantasy Vol.2 & Vol.3 (epilogue) / Aposperos "Merchant of Souls" by Visionary Comics / BITTER SOULS #3 FROM MARKOSIA “Aposperus” / Jonathan Maberry's: Vampire Universe (Illustration: “Draugr”) / Jonathan Maberry's: Zombie CSU / Visionary comics ("An Eden in Hell") Digital Visions 02 (woio)/ Aposperus short Story - Digital Visions 01 (woio) / Artwork inspired by Steven Savile’s : “The Heart of Thera” / Illustration for Fantasy Flight Games: Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror Expansion / Fleshrot Magazine - Halloween Special "2004" / Richard Johnson’s: ::: Erth Chronicles ::: / Azodd Magazine issue.2 / Up magazine – “Profitis comic book” & other art / Avaton Magazine - issue.49 (Channelling Illustration) / Original Art exhibited at: Fanfare Sports & Entertainment inc. / various contributions of Artworks for music cds and other, in collaboration with "Publicgraphics" (amongst them: cover art illustration for Takis Zaharatos' cd: "oloi oi dromoi" by polymusic and also artwork for Kostas Kountos’ “Robot”). His work has also been included in art websites in Greece such as: "", "", "" contact: He recently was accepted into a publication of the Museum of The Fantastic Art, named LEXICON.

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