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Calvin Wolf is a Texas native who contains a swirl of Wyoming, a sprinkling of New Mexico, and a pinch of Colorado. By day, he teaches high school. By evening, he pens novels. Anywhere in between, he can be found writing commentary and editorials. Wolf lives in West Texas with his wife, son, and French bulldog. He has published five novels and two thousand articles, poems, and short stories.

THE SINGULARITY (The Hank Hummel Series)

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The Singularity

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Months after a devastating terrorist attack on the Human Capital Market servers on the University of Wyoming campus, a corrupt administration in Washington is looking to maintain its grip on the future by any means necessary. After a grieving father unleashes powerful forces the president would rather keep hidden, two falsely accused men struggle to find their families and clear their names while being hunted by the full force of the United States government…and two vicious ne’er-do-wells whose grudges run deep. As a desperate White House tries to track down its prized fugitives and keep a discontent public under control, new technology offers wonder and horror in droves. From omnipresent surveillance to secret prisons to trading equity in citizens’ wages on the new stock market, The Singularity is a fast-paced ride into a near future where anything is possible.




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  • Title: The Singularity (The Hank Hummel Series)
  • Author: Calvin Wolf
  • Genre: Science Fiction/Crime Thriller
  • Length: 325 pages
  • Release Date: November 25, 2016
  • ISBN-13: 978-1539109747
  • Imprint: Devil's Tower

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