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In the same way that publishing houses exercise great care in selecting the authors whose work they want to publish, authors should use the same screening process when determining which publishing house offers them the most desirable benefits such as the most comprehensive promotional service and the most advantageous royalty rate. Ravenswood is a vanity press in that we do charge an up front fee of $2000.00 to begin the process of working with you on your book if you are chosen to be represented. We are a legitimate, royalty paying publisher, the split being 50/50 between author and publisher. Obviously we are selective in which authors’ work we choose to publish, but for those who become part of the Ravenswood family we offer both new and established authors a level of service and personal attention that is unsurpassed among independent, small press publishers and even solicit your books to larger publishers on your behalf to try and gain you more notoriety for your work. Below you will find a list of just a few of the many reasons you should consider publishing with Ravenswood.


Moving a book from a simple manuscript to the point where it is a completed book, ready for the reader, can be a long and complex process. That is why we at Ravenswood provide you with the following services.

• Ravenswood will format your manuscript for publication in both print and electronic (eBook) formats once it has been accepted by our review staff and edited, not that editing is done by the author's choice. There are editors on our site that we recommend but the author is allowed to make their own decision on the editing process and whom they will trust with their book. Once formatted you will be given a chance to review the book and inform us of any small, last minute changes you think may be necessary. Please note that once a manuscript has been formatted and accepted by the author no further changes can be made, so make certain that you are happy with it prior to giving us the final go-ahead for publication.

• We will supply each of our books with both an ISBN number (International Standard Book Number) used to designate print books throughout the world using Createspace self-publishing platform, as well as an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) used to identify books in electronic format (eBooks). The author can purchase a publisher specific Universal ISBN through Createspace for a fee of $99.00 if they wish for their book to be listed as being published by Ravenswood instead of Createspace.

• If you request us to do so, we will register your book with the United States Library of Congress and provide you with an LCN (Library of Congress) number.

• To guarantee you the widest possible market exposure we will make your book available through all of the English speaking world’s most popular online vendors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Google Books, Smashwords, Scribd, Tolino and many more.


Once your book is ready for the market place it is essential that it is marketed as broadly and effectively as possible if a rewarding level of sales is going to be achieved. By limiting our production schedule to 25 to 30 new titles a year Ravenswood is able to provide each author with a high level of individual attention that maximizes your exposure to the marketplace and helps generate the publicity necessary for long-term sales potential.

• Ravenswood lists all of our new titles with the major online book related promotional sites including Goodreads, Library Thing, Authorgraph, Reader’s Favorite, Books Online Directory, Book Viral, Online Book Club and, for middle grade and young adult titles, LitPick, along with many other online review sites.

• Each of our new titles is launched into the marketplace with an online blog tour which we call our ‘Virtual Tour’. We offer each new title to our entire database of more than 700 book bloggers and book related websites and to extend the Virtual Book Tour promotion for as long as possible we offer the bloggers a full year to pick up on their coverage of a new title. In many cases the bloggers will ask the author to submit additional information such as a small blog, or answer written interview questions; these provide the author with a chance to interact directly with their audience and are a valuable publicity tool. While not every blogger will choose to cover every new book, we find these Virtual Tours a valuable first step in establishing an extended publicity campaign.

• Ravenswood will send out press releases to the author’s local newspaper(s) and/or local magazines if the author requests us to do so. Please note that the author must provide us with email addresses for the newspaper or magazine if they wish to have announcements sent out.

• If the author requests, Ravenswood will also send an email letter to any local bookstores in your area to help you arrange a book signing. As above, the author must provide us with email addresses for the bookstore(s) if they wish to have letters sent out.

•Ravenswood will also send out professional queries on your behalf to the larger publishing companies such as Penguin, Random House, Simon and Schuster and more to try and get you a deal with a more established publisher, therefore working as an agent to the author. Please note that Ravenswood does not make any promises that your book will be picked up by any of these companies but we will do our best with queries and submissions to get them noticed.

• Ravenswood works closely with its authors assisting them to set up a viable, long term, continuing publicity and marketing campaign that will keep their books in the public eye for years to come and maximize sales potentials offered by online social media and the various online book sellers listed above. We strive to inform our authors of the best, most up-to-date ways for them to take advantage of upcoming opportunities for sales and special promotional offers that afford new and innovative ways to market their books.

• To maximize our authors’ profits, Ravenswood offers a special discount code for each new title that allows the author to purchase books from the printer at a full 50% (fifty percent) discount rate – the same price that we at Ravenswood would pay for them. This allows our authors to make the most of their book signings and speaking engagements.


• Ravenswood offers its authors a generous 50% (fifty percent) royalty payment on all books sold whether it is in print or eBook format. When compared to the industry standard royalty rate of 8% to 12% this becomes a major factor for authors to consider when choosing a potential publisher.


Because Ravenswood is a small, independent publisher we do not have editors and artists on staff. This means that while we are able to offer you generous royalty rates and the unparalleled services mentioned above, we are not able to offer free editorial services nor free cover art. However, if we do your cover art it is included in your payment of the $2000.00 for the entire process listed above. We also have a full list of accomplished, qualified editors who authors can hire if their manuscript has not already been edited by a professional editor. We do urge all authors to have their manuscript professionally edited because, as previously mentioned, once the manuscript has been formatted and approved by the author we can no longer go back and make changes to it. Additionally, you have the option of supplying your own cover art (which must pass Ravenswood’s standards of acceptability), use our in-house cover service included in your up-front payment, or we have a list of approved, freelance artists that authors can contact.


Ravenswood welcomes submissions from both new and established authors. If you have a great story to tell we would love to hear from you.

Please read the following submissions guidelines carefully before sending us your proposal. Submissions which do not follow our established guidelines may be automatically rejected.

The first step in determining whether your book is a good fit for Ravenswood is to become thoroughly familiar with our catalogue of titles. We have a variety of imprints covering a wide array of subjects; make sure your book falls into one of the genre that we publish. If you think your book would fit well in the Ravenswood lineup then follow the steps below to submit your proposal.

Please be aware that we do not accept works previously self-published by the author.

(1) The Cover Letter. Write a cover letter that provides us with the following information:

Your full name, email address and mailing address.

The title of your book, the genre into which it falls and the proposed word count. Please note that Ravenswood is only interested in full-length works of 80,000 words or more.

Describe the story line in one short paragraph.

Do you plan on including any illustrations in the book? If so, how many, what type (photographs, line drawings, etc) and the source. Do you own the rights to the images? If not, you will need to provide a release if your book is selected for publication.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. List any previous publications. Explain how you plan on helping Ravenswood spread the word about your book and any marketing plans you may have.

(2) Synopsis. Provide us with a one page synopsis of your book. The synopsis should include the concept behind your story, the storyline (including the beginning, middle and end of the story) and a brief introduction to the main characters.

(3) Writing Sample. Finally, please submit the first 20 pages of the manuscript. If your book has a prologue please include it as part of the 20 page extract.

Do NOT send the entire manuscript until and unless we request it.

Ravenswood Publishing only accepts submissions by email. Format the above material according to the instructions below and send them to

All parts of your submission package should be set in 12 point Times New Roman type and spaced at 1.5 spaces.

The submissions letter and one page synopsis should be included in the body of the email. The 20 page writing sample should be attached to the email as either a PDF, DOC or DOCX file.

In the subject line of your email write ‘Query’ followed by the Genre of your story and the title. For example, if you have written a book entitled ‘A Case of Murder’ your subject line would read: Query – Mystery - A Case of Murder.

Your submission will then be passed on to the appropriate submissions specialist. We will respond to you within 60 days of your submission informing you of whether or not Ravenswood is interested in seeing your complete manuscript. Please do not call or email us about the status of your submission before that time. If, for any reason, you have not heard from us within 60 days please drop us an email reminding us of your submission.

Thank you for your interest in Ravenswood Publishing.


"I would recommend new (and even old) authors to work with and for Kitty. I submitted my first manuscript "Anne of Cleves - Henry's Luckiest Wife" in the Spring 2013 and since then have submitted 4 more (One was a reprint of an earlier book). I have really enjoyed the experience of working with her and of course have not only enjoyed seeing my books in print, but also seeing that they've been selling as well. I am now working on my next historical novel about the First World War and hope that this too will be crowned with Ravenswood success!"

- David Young, Author/English & History Teacher for Adult Education

"As an author signed with Ravenswood Publishing, I’ve had firsthand experience of Kitty’s stellar management skills.

Apart from being passionately devoted to her work and to that of her authors, Kitty is also a master of logistics and organization. Juggling the demands of dozens of writers --a notoriously challenging group of people-- Kitty manages to get books beta read, edited, formatted, and published in record time. There is no part of the arduous and oft times confusing book publishing process that Kitty hasn’t mastered, and she deploys her skills with a tireless devotion and expansive energy that is second to none in the publishing world.

If management is a combination of team-building and productive organization, if it is a process of gathering together the various parts of a functioning business and shaping them into a coherent and cohesive whole, then it can be accurately said that Kitty is the gold-standard of management, and I wholeheartedly recommend and applaud her abilities."

- Dave Ewans, Author of "Wages of Sin"

"Kitty has been a great help to me as a new author. She's helped alleviate any anxiety I have and has provided some excellent websites and publishing groups for helping my book to be as successful as possible. Being accepted by Kitty and Ravenswood Publishing is the greatest stroke of luck I could have ever received."

- John Errico, Author of "Dad, Wanna Be Our Manager?"

"Kitty has been an excellent publisher, always ready to motivate, inspire and lead the way into the publishing and book marketing world with all its joys and minefields. Thank you, Kitty!"

- Freda Lewkowicz, Author of "School Selfies"

"Kitty is a pleasure to work with. She really knows how to communicate with her authors and she cares about their success. She's probably one of my favorite publishers that I have worked with in the book world."

- Linda M. Crate, Author of the “Magic Series”

"As a novice author Kitty has made me feel so welcome in her response to me. Even when I have made stupid mistakes she has been kind and understanding. Thank you Kitty."

- Roger Rapel, Author of "Cindy, Where Are You" & "Abducted"

"Kitty did an amazing job reviewing my book in a timely manner and helping to organize a promotional campaign for my book on her site. Her interview and review created traffic and "buzz" for both her and my webiste/book."

- Braxton Cosby, Author of "The Star-Crossed Saga"

"Kitty will bend over backwards to help any author she believes in publish the best book possible. I highly recommend her, especially to those who have self-published in the past, and would like to find a partner in their literary journey who is willing to work as hard to publish the book as the writer was to pen it!"

-Joe Schwartz, Author of "A Season Without Rain"

"Kitty has been helpful and enthusiastic about my book and has done a fair bit to promote it. I have been really impressed with her work ethic and also at the speed she does things. She was with me from the editing process to the design of the cover and the production of the book. I live in the UK but I've never felt as if I was too far away and I would highly recommend her and her tireless work."

-Ann Kenney, Author of "A Cynical American's Guide to British Myth"

"I have had the opportunity to work with Kitty in a writing environment and I have found her to be helpful, insightful, easy to get along with and encouraging. She has a keen intellect and an ease with those she deals with. She is constantly striving to do more and to do better. She is a delight to work with and I admire her in so many ways. She is an asset wherever and with whomever she works. "

- Shannon L. Dearing, Author of the "Lia Fail Chronicles"

"I am thrilled to say how fortunate I am to be a Ravenswood author. I have just recently published my fourth novel here, after having dealt with another publisher with my first, and let me say that there are not enough words to praise the Ravenswood team. (And we all know that it is often a one woman team). WE (author and publisher) share a dream, and you really feel that Ravenswood is there for our success. We are treated with the utmost respect and consideration, while the publisher works towards getting our book out there...doing so much more than any other publisher today. Thank you for being the most amazing publisher out there."

- Debbie Brown, Author of "Amethyst Eyes (Books One & Two), Emma & Rebirth"

“Ravenswood authors are some of the kindest, most compassionate and all-around fun people it's ever been my pleasure to be associated with. Publisher Kitty Bullard has a knack for picking only the most talented people who strive to write the very best in contemporary fiction."

-Lisanne Cooper, Editor

"I love working with Ravenswood and I really appreciate the hard work, effort and assistance from Ms. Kitty; she gives so much time to her authors individually. I hope to sign on with more projects in the future."

- Alonna Williams, Author of "Pirates: The Lost Cove (Journal of the Red Skull)"

"Before I signed with Ravenswood Publishing I felt I wasn’t taken seriously as an author. Many people do not understand what it means to be a self-published author. They don’t understand I’m still an author, I just am not under contract with a publishing company. Now that I have signed, many more people are taking me seriously and I have noticed a great deal more exposure. Kitty and her crew have been wonderful, very helpful, and excellent with advice, book cover graphics, and understanding what it means to be an author. I’m very happy and satisfied to be a part of the Ravenswood family."

- Reyna Hawk, Author of "Angels & Arrows"

"Since signing with Ravenswood Publishing, the traffic on our Facebook page has increased tremendously. Kitty has been amazing with all her wisdom and support. If you want a publisher that will be there with you step by step, then this is where you want to make your publishing home. We've only just re-released our book, but I know that Kitty will work just as hard as we will to make it a success."

- Shelly M. Burrows, Co-Author of "Blood Moon"

"I was and am so pleased to be part of the team, both the printed and online versions of my book 'Julie & Kishore' look just as I have always dreamed, I am immensely proud. As any up and coming author knows writing and getting published is a hard road, Kitty and Ravenswood Publishing have made this happen for me and I will be forever grateful. I live in New Zealand and I have never felt that the distance is a problem with Kitty, she is quick to answer my questions and is always so helpful. She is so professional and yet so cheerful and all this is achieved by email - fantastic! As I have said to Kitty before, I cant wait until the day I make enough money as an author (it will happen!) to fly to the States and give her a big hug in person!"

- Carol Jackson, Author of "Julie & Kishore"

"Since signing on with Ravenswood, I have gone from a frustrated writer, unable to get any momentum going, to being on the best sellers list. I can't say enough to express how lucky I feel to be with such a hard working publisher. They are always eager to help me and answer any of my questions. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship."

- Brian D. Anderson, Author of "The Godling Chronicles"

Our publicity firm started working with Kitty and Ravenswood when she was first getting started. We are blown away with the success she's found but absolutely are not surprised because she is smart, friendly and very knowledgeable of the literature scene. She's got quite the eye for good books, and it's truly an honor to work with Ravenswood. They've already tackled the blogger universe, publishing world and author circles...can't imagine what's next! Ravens wood is always ahead of the curve."

-JKSCommunications Promotions Team

"Kitty is a master community builder. She assembled a Facebook-based free book club with over 700 members so fast that I could scarcely believe it. And success could not have happened to a more gracious and open young professional. One of Kitty's best qualities is her willingness to learn about both our industry and how she can add value in unique ways for both her members and the reading community at large. I always look forward to emails from Kitty because she is constantly offering opportunities for authors and readers to connect in fun ways."

-Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist

"I do not think there is another Publisher in the world that is so helpful, supportive and protective for its Authors. So much of its philosophy reflects the dynamic enthusiasm of its founder and Manager, the wonderful Kitty Bullard. Ravenswood is becoming bigger and better all of the time without losing it's 'family togetherness'. It is simply the best!"

- Alan S. Blood, Author of "Once Upon a Castle" & "Cry of the Machi"

"As a first time author, finding the right publisher was of the utmost importance to me. I wanted someone who was knowledgeable and professional but I also needed a personal touch. Ravenswood Publishing and namely Kitty Bullard, have been there holding my hand every step of the way and have provided me with excellent advice and guidance, in order to bring my novel "Fireflies" to the public. I feel very fortunate that they chose to work with me."

- PS Bartlett, Author of "Fireflies"

“Kitty Honeycutt, Manager of Ravenswood Publishing, is a joy to work with. Kitty published my first book, “The Gift.” She is responsive and helpful. She does not mind if you have silly questions or need something explained to you. She is very encouraging and has high standards for the books she publishes. She did a wonderful job of laying out my book. It looks beautiful. I highly recommend her and Ravenswood Publishing.”

~ Rebecca J. Hubbard, Author of “The Gift”

“I would thoroughly recommend Kitty for her total enthusiasm and support for all of her Authors, one of whom I have been for a number of years since she first started ‘GMTA Publishing' - which subsequently became renamed as 'Ravenswood Publishing'. I was already a published Author (with two previous British Publishers) when I moved over to Ravenswood and have never looked back! In particular, she has helped many new Authors (especially younger ones) to see their work published. Kitty is a tremendous asset to the publishing world.”

~Alan S. Blood, Author of “Once Upon a Castle,” “Rogue & Royal,” & “Cry of the Machi”